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Founded in 2003, BingoSoft Co., Ltd. opened its business by customizing large-scale application softwares along with delivering software products, solutions and consulting services. In 2006, we were appointed to host one of the Microsoft Technology Centers (later Microsoft Innovation Center) based on a memo between Microsoft and Chinese government. Benefit from in-depth business and long-term cooperative relationship with customers from multiple large industries like telecom, rail transit, government, finance, energy and automobile, as well as with great partners like Microsoft and IBM, BingoSoft has been accumulating rich experiences and best practices of industrial IT solutions.

Sticking to the principle of independent R&D, BingoSoft stepped into the area of cloud computing as early as 2008 and brought out the first China-made commercial infrastructure product of cloud computing (BingoCloud) in 2010, and soon after, BingoSoft became elected member of ODCA and Intel CloudBuilder. Nowadays, cloud computing products and services delivered by BingoSoft are capable of providing the whole private cloud computing solutions for large industry customers, as well as supporting hybrid cloud environment in Gov-Ent market via either cooperative or independent operation. Including Guangzhou Government, Tencent, CRRC, Bank of China, Chinese telecom operators, Chongqing & Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau,a number of largest scale and most influential domestic cloud projects have been built by BingoSoft during recent years.

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